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The connector market offers a huge range of products for every industry.  From the tiniest data and signal connections to high power solutions for the most demanding environments, the connector industry creates products for applications in every walk of life.

Even with such a broad scope of products, there will always come a time when the perfect option is not available. At other times, engineers can find a tried and trusted connector solution is now obsolete and no longer available.  In these circumstances, engineers are faced with the choice of redesigning their product to use a standard connector or selecting a custom-made solution.

Custom Solutions

In the modern world of mass production and rapid delivery, the idea of a customised design can seem out of place.  Customers often assume that a custom product will be expensive or time consuming.  However, trying to use a standard product can bring with it problems of its own. 

Redesigning a piece of equipment to accommodate an existing connector is not a simple exercise.  This might include altering a housing to fit a different connector, changing the electronic circuitry, or even creating a brand-new printed circuit board layout.  All of these changes will introduce delays and engineering costs that could impact a customer’s time-to-market.

Simple Changes to Make the Ideal Connector

The alternative is to choose a connector that has been optimised for the engineer’s design.  Creating the right connector might mean a simple change, such as an altered pin length, a change in plating thickness or even just a new colour to aid identification.

As a connector manufacturer with decades of experience, EDAC can build upon its extensive product range to create the ideal solution for your market.  In collaboration with our talented team of engineers, you will be able to select the options that are perfect for your application without having to compromise your design.  EDAC can even manufacture alternative connectors to replace obsolete parts from other suppliers.

Creating the ideal connector for your design may not be as costly or as time consuming as you may fear.  EDAC can deliver custom prototypes in as little as 4 weeks, and a production solution within 12 weeks. Talk to our engineers today to see how an affordable custom connector from EDAC could solve your next design challenge.

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