Will the innovative Clipzin connector unlock the full potential of the Raspberry Pico?

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Since its launch over 10 years ago, Raspberry Pi has proved an amazing success.  With millions built, the Raspberry Pi has far outgrown its original target audience in education to become a tried and trusted solution, not just for hobby users but for professional engineers.

Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that, with its low cost and flexibility, has allowed users to adapt it for a huge array of uses.  Its modular design has enabled it to be easily modified, and Raspberry Pi boards can be found in labs and factories around the world.

The Pico is the latest and smallest addition to the Raspberry Pi family.  Its small size will enable a whole new generation of innovation, and it has already sparked something new in the world of connectors.  Unlike previous generations of the Raspberry Pi family, the Pico is supplied without conventional connectors, allowing users to take advantage of its tiny dimensions.

The Clipzin connector from EDAC is a brand-new innovation that allows rapid and secure connection of the new Pico board. The Clipzin draws inspiration from the familiar card-edge technology that has been part of computer design for years and applied it to this very modern application.

The Clipzin is a PCB-mounted edge connector that allows single board modules like the Pico to be fixed to the PCB.  Featuring a low-profile, surface mount installation, the Clipzin will allow rapid connection and disconnection of the module, while a retention clip ensures that the board will not shake free during use.  This makes it the ideal solution for the development environment, while also providing the security required for production applications.

The Pico is an entirely new way to leverage the power of Raspberry Pi, and Clipzin will allow thousands to unlock its advanced technology.  

Brand new concepts in connector design are rare, but with Clipzin, EDAC has been able to apply decades of expertise and bring the card-edge connector into the 21st Century.

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