Magnetic Pogo Connectors

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The connector marketplace has become one of the most diverse in the electronics industry. Even with this diversity, most connectors use a conventional plug and receptacle arrangement that might not be the perfect solution for all applications. For devices that require rapid disconnection, an alternative solution must be found.

These applications are becoming more common. Wearable technology has become a familiar part of our lives, from the latest battlefield communications to the MedTech industry that is providing advanced healthcare devices for patients. In these situations, cables must be able to release quickly to prevent damage or injury.

In the industrial arena, robots are becoming more sophisticated and versatile. Interchangeable tools allow them to perform a huge range of different tasks, each of which requires quick connection to maximise their efficiency.

To develop truly versatile quick release connectors, manufacturers need to look beyond conventional pin and socket designs. Spring loaded contacts, often known as pogo pins, have been used for many years in the testing industry. However, with the increasing interest in quick-release connectors, they have found a new lease of life.

The new range of magnetic pogo connectors from EDAC is designed specifically for quick release applications.  The range features two alternative arrangements.  The circular design features 2, 3 and 4 pole options, arranged in a coaxial configuration.  Retention is by means of strong magnets that maintain a strong positive contact, but still allow quick release when needed.  They are also quick to reconnect.

For slimline equipment such as for hand-held or wearable devices, the inline version provides a low-profile alternative.  It makes use of two magnets to provide retention, with opposite magnetic polarity to prevent mis-mating.  They provide the same quick-disconnect functionality in 3, 4 and 5 pole variations.

Manufactured to a high standard and offering a durability of up to 30,000 mating cycles, the new pogo connectors from EDAC deliver a new solution for modern applications.

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