Modular Connectors

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Staying competitive in today’s marketplace is more than just offering value for money.  Modern customers expect superior performance from their purchases, especially from electronic devices. When designing your next product, making the right choice of component is vital to maintaining your competitive edge.

Connectors play a huge part in delivering reliability and performance. One of the most familiar connectors in the world is the modular jack.  A small, 8-pole connector sometimes known as the RJ45, it was originally designed for use in telephones. Over the years, modular connectors have evolved to become one of the key standard interfaces for computer networking.

High Performance

The growth of the Internet of Things and its industrial equivalent, known as Industry 4.0, means more machines and devices than ever will be connected to the network. The industrial environment is a tough place for sensitive electronics, and devices must be protected from the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI). The modular connector has adapted to meet these new demands.

The edacJAX range from EDAC features modular jacks with built-in magnetics. Magnetic circuits isolate sensitive electronics and improve resistance against electromagnetic interference. Choosing an integrated jack with built-in magnetics not only provides protection but also saves significant space on the printed circuit board. Alongside magnetic protection, the edacJAX range delivers a range of other options, including indicators, shielding and the latest Power over Ethernet technology.

Cost Effective

While some devices must compete at the cutting edge, where speed and performance are critical, there are other applications in which value for money is the key driver. For cost-sensitive designs that do not need market-leading performance, the MH range of modular jacks makes the ideal commercial choice.

Whether you are designing high-speed equipment for the tough environment of the factory floor, or cost-effective computing equipment for the office, EDAC and MH offer a range of modular jacks that deliver the solution you need to stay competitive.

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